Tuesday, 23 March 2010

music xox

I love rock, metal and indie music. i love such bands as family force 5, my passion, the used, I am ghost, panic! at the disco, placebo, paramore and last but not least my chemical romance! ( by the way check these bands out they are all awsome and diffrent!). but it is anoying that people hate the kind of music I like when they havent even heard one single note of the intro. But then its their loss. lol

( click on the shiny links next to the pictures of some of the bands and it will show you one of the bands videos .. and personally one of my favoourite songs by them .. ( HOW COOOL :D !!)

Im off to rock out

family force 5 love addict

my passion day of the bees (D.I.Y version)

panic! at the disco !!! that green gentleman  nine in the afternoon ... ( I love panic! at the disco soo much that there are two brilliant songs )

Monday, 1 March 2010

Japanese fashion!!! XD

helloo x

I love japanese fashion aat the moment some of their outfits are amazing. the Japanese style cosplay (the last picture) is on of my favourites because it's so original and just amazing. The style Gothic lolita (the middle picture) is also one of my favourites its like cosplay but more goth like. (the clue is in the name .. duh!). visual kei (the top picture) is the more kind of tom-boy style as the girls wear shorts trousers and other things.. visual kei people some times wear masks over their mouths (which shows their ninja skill :D !!)
keep rocking

*ninja skills!!!!!!*

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

my first blog

hellooo :)

its my first blog and the reason Im bloging is because I learning about blogging in English and well I wanted to give it a go :). ....I think its going to go badly but at least its something I think I will enjoy. Im probably gonna be blogging about random stuff but I think its gonna be amusing for me :).

au revoir
ingnornce-lover x